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I always loved this Miles Davis composition so naturally I felt moved to feature it on this album. It is very different from the original. I specifically like the deep groove that Nate and Robert brought to this. It was so much fun playing with them and I couldn’t be happier with how he interpreted my music. I was fortunate enough to play this version with them at the Detroit jazz festival and knew I had to record it with them. 

Great PK

This piece is dedicated to my sister, I call her Shuli. Pk refers to our long time family member, ‘PK The Dog.’ He is one of the strangest looking dogs in the world-- a sausage (Dachshund) mixed golden retriever. I still remember the first day we picked him up; they instantly formed a loving bond. PK enjoys chewing just about everything in his path. Ironically, he was named after a famous gum company (Wrigley’s PK gum). With all his oddities he is one of the kindest souls in the universe, just like Shuli.


This was work was inspired by a school of ducks trying to cross a busy intersection. I found myself compelled to help them not only get across but I wanted to keep them safe. So, I bought 15 duck crossing signs and hung them all over the area. I am not one to lecture about morals but through that experience I came to the realization that I could make a difference in the simplest of ways.

Lo Haya

This is a dedication to my family. It’s a through-composed piece, which I divided into two segments. The first part is a piano/ tenor duo starting with a simple melody that grows throughout the piece. The composition is inspired by Scriabins’ beautiful harmonies-- which I spent a substantial amount of time absorbing into my music, hence its classical undertones. Jamie brought so much integrity and playfulness to this work and I certainly wrote it with him in mind. We recorded this in one whole take and knew we’d change nothing. 

The second part is a loop derived from the same original melody of the first segment. I tried to capture the feeling of a lullaby and use it as a vehicle for the band to experiment with. I couldn’t be happier with what was recorded and it’s a true representation of what this project is all about.

The Gentle Giant

A few months before the recording, I was deeply inspired by the great classical composers, Chopin and Scriabin. The piece was written in exactly 37 minutes. It’s probably the most impressionistic piece of the album. It also, featured one of my favourite musicians in the world, Robert Hurst-- who played an exceptional solo. The composition itself is a dedication to giants that might look frightening from afar but are true gentle spirits. 


I composed this at a time when I was studying with the great composer and trumpet player Terence Blanchard who gave me an exercise, I had to write a complete piece in one hour or less. I recorded myself improvising, listened back to it, then took fragments of my improvisation and connected them to create the melody. 


This piece is inspired by an Israeli/European dish. Although, considered a delicacy, growing up it brought me many unpleasant experiences. It’s a strange mixture of vegetables-- that create an awful array of flavours and bizarre, uncommon textures. It’s a spontaneous piece that sways in many different directions. I wrote this specifically with Greg in mind, I knew he would contribute something special. 

Chopin meets Abach

I composed this piece while checking out Chopin’s etudes, adding an element of romanticism to this work. It was also written at a time that I found myself reminiscing on how my life changed since my move from Israel to Australia. Abach is the name of the protective mask we had to wear during the Gulf War in Israel, to minimize the effects of the attacks. I was a little worried when bringing this to the session, as it was more of a sketch. I mentioned to the band that I will play the melody and they can create the contrast of war and peace around it. This has become one of my favourite pieces on the album because it’s truly a spontaneous moment that was captured. And, I’m so happy with how this came out.

This project proof that diversity is a positive aspect in today’s world. It’s collaboration between American and Australian artists. My gratitude extends to not only have known these amazing and unique artist, but to have the privilege to make music with them. I sincerely hope that you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording this album.

Gentle Giants

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