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The “Tal Cohen Trio featuring Ignacio Berroa” is a new unique, powerful and diverse trio that brings together many influences from around the world. 


It features legendary Cuban Drummer, Ignacio Berroa who has recorded with McCoy Tyner, Charlie Haden, Chick Corea, Gonzalo Rublacaba as well as countless others and was the longest standing member of the "Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra" for the last ten years of Gillespie life. Berroa is regarded as one of the most influential Jazz drummers in the world and one of the first Cuban musician pioneers to mix Cuban Rhythms with Traditional Jazz Rhythms. 

More about Berroa here-

" Berroa The only Latin drummer in the world in the history of American music that intimately knows both worlds: his native Afro-Cuban music as well as Jazz"


- Dizzy Gillespie


This Trio concentrates on original music as well as revolutionary arrangements of standards, mixing Berroa's Revolutionary style with Cohen's unique musical background creating a unique soundscape that has never been heard before.  .

Tal Cohen Trio Featuring Ignacio Berroa Live at the Phillips Centre


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